My 3rd KYOB

KYOB – That’s short for Kick Your Own Butt

In freelancing this is very much required. I must be among few freelancers, offering so many services. Few days back I posted reviews on Chetan Bhagat’s 3rd book “the 3 mistakes of my life” but now my mistakes have kicked my butt.

I sometimes get over confident and plan enough. Secondly I trust people too fast and lastly It takes me great deal of KYOB to realize my mistakes.

No matter how expert you think you are, in business when you depend on another person to work with you in getting things done, there is always a big risk. I have been working with a company, which provided me programmers on a on-demand basis. I was not paying not high, but enough for a decent service. But the programmers, I guess they are the once using all the logic, but most I have known in my life, barely use logic in making a decision. Result of 2 programmers screwing up, project getting delayed, client getting super tensed and at the end, me losing money, client losing time and money both.

I wanted to expand, and this blow was on the right time, to make me realize who I work with and who I depend upon. I am creating all my plans from scratch again, and restarting every step I have taken so far in my business, to offer my client’s what I wanted to when I started my business.

As I have made more loss than I could handle from a single project, I first have to find smaller work to get money. While I do that, I would also start re-creating my plans and prices and last options to get a work done in case something bad happens. My loses have gone too high, for a person like me to manage. But more than loss, I learned a very important lesson.

Now, I will change everything related to me and by business from this very second.

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  1. I am toying around with an idea of some online venture. The likelihood of this experiment failing, I feel, would be 95% but I still want to give it a try. Now since I am from a commerce background, I am looking for an amateur web designer (residing in Mumbai itself) who is decent with web designing softwares and excellent with flash. Should be able to integrate paypal & and other domestic payment options on the website. I would be paying a modest Rs3,000 for the effort but if things work out well and if it turns out to be profitable, I wouldn’t mind shelling out another Rs.100,000 bucks or 10% of my profit (you decide that)
    Let me know if you’d be interested

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