My work, Chetan Bhagat and more

The last 3 months were the busiest months of my life. One deadline after the other, along with my own projects and websites to handle was just too tiring, but also exciting due to some interesting work, new ideas and many other things.

I recently launched Chetan Bhagat’s new website Though the site looks different than my first design concept’s but I like my work and so does my client. Chetan is launching his 3rd book “the 3 mistakes of my life” which no doubt would be the best seller again and would also be the biggest book launch in India so far. Chetan Bhagat is the only Indian author who has achieved more than any other author in India. His books is read by so many. I know very few people who have not head of him. And best part, putting my link on his website also gives me more than 20 visitors every day.

Before I forget, please find some links below and visit his website:

Book 3:

Excerpt & Free 1St Chapter:

16 responses to “My work, Chetan Bhagat and more”

  1. Hello there. I was sent a link to your blog by a friend a while ago. I have been reading a long for a while now. Just wanted to say HI. Thanks for putting in all the hard work.

    Jennifer Lancey

  2. Hello Taher, If I wanted to, I could had deleted your comment, but I want to keep it here. My aim, is not to be someone working from some corner, making few sites a month, and staying there. I am not the best designer. I am just good in my business. I am working towards building a bigger web design firm and not a speciality freelance corner shop. And for that, I have to deliver the most feasible solution in the least amount of time for my budget conscious customers.

    But I can understand your concern, as I did feel the same earlier, when websites of high profile people were done badly by big firms. This is the reason, I approved your comment to be visible on my blog. And secondly, I work as per Indian audience not outside. Among audience of Chetan Bhagat’s site 48% of the people use a 800*600 resolution screen with Internet speed of average 56KBPS, and without Flash.

    Could have said more things, but at last, I understand your frustration, but now have to get back to business.
    Keep commenting.


  4. just i have finished ur book that is 3mistakes. i felt attached to it by emotionally. i want to know about Ali,Ishaan&Govind WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM. PLEASE.

  5. My favourite author chetan,
    I read all ur 3 books and i think u deserve a higher place then JK Rowling( my X-favourite writer.) Beacause i think u r true teacher 4 me that have improved my life a lot. Pls, continue ur writing.

  6. Just would like to remind you guys, I am not Chetan Bhagat, i just made his website. You are posting the comments on wrong blog, but I would pass on the message to him. You should had posted the comment on his blog earlier, but unfortunately for many of his fans, his blog has been taken down for few months.
    Will keep everyone updated whenever his blog is up again also you can check directly at

  7. Chetan ji,
    I have read ur books.I like them all.It can improve any ones confidence.Thank u for thise lovely books.please continue youe writings.

  8. Really superb story it has made to know many a things and my special regards to the girl in train and above all for Chetan sir. I have come to know about coporate world thank u. This is really a good attempt o am a MBA student right now so it has enlightened me sir.Still come up with good articles good luck.

  9. Hello chetan,
    I have read all your books and I liked it but the one thing dislike
    is your treatment and discription of women and using them only for love.

  10. Sir I recently purchased your most valuable book THE THREE MISTAKES OF MY LIFE
    Sir I am planning to present a paper in International Conference which will held on at Alhabad, Dept. of English. Sir I need some guidance and reviews of critics etc I hope sir you will reply.

  11. hi,i hv read ur 3 books 5 point smone,3 mistakes nd latest 2 states…….i like it so much m waitng 4 ur new book nd i wnt to be ur frnd……u like to be my frnd?m jaan 4m india…….i thnk its enough if u like to be my frnd plz mail me on my yahoo id

  12. hi sir,
    After reading two states which u have inaugarated in oberoi mall with vidhya bala,m totally become fan of you n this story resembles my story of marriage also….
    thanks for writing such a nice book..

  13. hi chetan, i love ur way of writing, the way u express inner feelings……….really i fall in love with u………..wait ………..wait… is just a feeling 4 a great writer from her reader. i know sometimes anusha use to feel jealous but surely she also feel proud of you. well done chetan……..keep it up………..

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