Sublime Text 2 Shortcuts

After using Dreamweaver for years I have finally started using and loving Sublime Text for its simplicity and speed. In this post I plan to post every shortcut for my own reference and anyone else who needs it. If I miss any shortcuts, do share those in the comments.

(NOTE: I am only sharing Windows Shortcuts)

  • Move Lines Up or Down

    Shortcut for moving line up:  Ctrl + Shit + ?
    Shortcut for moving line down: Ctrl + Shift + ?

    The above are used to quickly move any line up or down without having to cut & paste.

  • Open Command Prompt

    Ctrl + Shift + P

  • Toogle Sidebar

    Ctrl + KB

  • Quick File Switching

    Ctrl + PPress above and start typing the name of the file. Based on the matches, the file will be opened instantly and if there are multiple options, you can press Up/Down arrow to select a file from the list. The search is done for the project or among the currently opened files.

  • Go to Symbol (Function / Classes)Ctrl + R
    (or Ctrl + P and then enter @)
    Similar to Ctrl + P, this is used to quickly go to a function or class. In HTML document, you can also go to a ID.

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