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  1. hii i m deepak mishra. and i m glad to b a member. its really a nice way to be in contact with all mitians ‘n to share our precious thoughts. so lets dhoom……
    i specially thnx HARISH CHOUHAN who had took this effort, its appericiating. so i m here to share my thughts………

  2. Hello Deepak,
    I’m very glad that you started writing some stuff finally, coz I had thaught only I would be the only Mitian.
    Anyways thx for joining and I hope to see something written by you whenever you come online. Dont forget what we write will be here for many years to come.

    10 years from now when we read this we will remember our these days.

    Anyways See u later. And yup I would be coming to college soon.

  3. hii harish,
    long time since signin up in bloggers. h r u? wen r v meetin in a’bad. we hav to book a room . i m commin on 27 of this month. reply me.

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