Major changes…

Last 4 months have been messy. In fact last 1.8 years has been messy. Like a domino effect one thing after the other has been going out of my control. I never blame anyone for anything bad that happens to me, however this time I would have few people to blame. One of the most important lessons I have learnt is to be choosy about whom I work with and to treat our own project ideas with same importance as we treat paying projects from clients.

Time is limited, and the way clients choose a company, its time for me to start choosing clients too. One thing that has always helped me, is my existing customer base. no matter what issues my business has faced, majority of my clients have always been supportive and loyal. And I am as always grateful to them for their patronage.

Recently I have worked with some worst clients too. But as usual its always best to end working for them as soon as you find yourself not comfortable. Its one thing to go out of your comfort zone to learn something new but another thing entirely to be getting used.

I am a positive person. I do regret some decisions I have made and how I have handle certain things in last 1 year, however I have learnt a lot too and geared up to focusing on my own projects.

From now till the end of this year, I would be undertaking just 1 small project a year and would be spending majority of my time on rebuilding my websites, & and mainly will be finding the right people to build a new team. Majority of the work I would be doing would be focused on WordPress. I would also be writing articles for Envato at about the things I learn while working on my own projects.



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