When I post something about news story, its all true, but I wont be able to give details like the place or date and time. Dont expect anything from me.

Ok, now to start, I saw a new shit on the news channel today. In some Village in India, women were lying down on the ground with the face touching the ground, and few men or you can say, so called Gurus were walking on the backs. And for your surprise, not one but more than 10 people were walking on those women at once. Some were even keeping their feets on the womens neck and even after that, no women was screaming. Not a single word was coming from their mouth as if they were dead. Well its half true, since 80% Indians are Brain Dead. Their brains work no more than a animal. Food, Shelter and Clothing is only what they can think about. And if they eat more food or can buy expensive clothes they think they are higher. Anyways this is not about that.

BTW, the women who were lying down why? guess guess? Coz they wanted to become mothers. Damn their heads and their families heads. And the people walking on them were said to have magical powers to make those women fertile. INDIA IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And lastly as usual everyone was blaming the police. If they women dont have their heads in place, If everyone wants to take everything lying down, why top blame anyone. Just see the news while having your lunch and keep yourself entertained.

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