Google has updated Page Rank of websites

I am excited to inform that Google ToolBar Page Rank has finally been updated for a majority of my own websites and of my clients. The Update might have taken place 28th June 2011 early in the morning of Indian time.

Unforutnately the PR of some websites has dropped by 1.

And the PR of internal pages has also been updated of my main websites which have better quality backlinks. I would love to know if your website PR has also been updated. Do comment with your website address.

Previously many of us might have felt that no-follow links are of no value in Google.  You should read this article which explains this in more detail.

6 replies to “Google has updated Page Rank of websites”

  1. In my opinion, I think this PR update has a connection with Panda campaign Google expanded during many months ago. Content has the very important role in this PR update, the websites/blogs with good quality content, frequently refresh, unique & useful information will be ranked higher than low quality sites.

    1. Yes I agree. My current site was used as test platform for custom themes and due to it, it always had broken links. This resulted in the page rank dropping from 3 to 1. I now hope they do another PR update soon.

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