Cuil: (pronounced as Cool) Another Search Engine


I found about this search engine couple of days ago, and wanted to write about it, but as usual, no time…

A new search engine was launched in July called Cuil. Like many other people, I too pronounced it as quill, kil, but it is correctly pronounced as Cool. More info can be found out from Cuil’s website. Many experts on Search Engines, like the all time famous “Danny Sullivan” have liked the concept of Cuil but not currently satisfied with it;s results.

Founded by ex-googlers and others, this search engine, would difinetely would be something to keep track of. I use google atleast 2 to 3 hours in a day in breaks. But to know about the result’s of Cuil, I decided to use it for a day instead of Google. I did drop the idea after afternoon, since after every search on Cuil, I had to go back and use google. So it was a waste of time. But this does not mean I would not use Cuil. While using it for a day, I appreciated it’s content organization and how it was sort of able to understand what you want to search and what other things you might be interested it.

Since I am using google from the time I learned about Internet, I am used to it’s interface and way of displaying content. It’s like a part of life. Using something very different for the first time, made me hate it for sometime, but later when I understood how they are unique I started appreciating their effort in not thinking like Google is the end and trying to make something new and also logical. No one knows, if it’s the next Google, all I know is I liked it, but won’t use it anytime soon, atleast not until the big world of Google dies.

What’s so special about Cuil?

  • They say, they have larger indexed pages than Google. No way to prove it since Google has not mentioned it’s number since last few years.
  • Cuil does not gather user search information and hence offer better privacy.
  • They say they analyse the keywords and display related searches and additional information in a very advanced way rather than depending on Links & other things. This I don’t agree. Well it dosen’t matter If I agree or not, but this is my blog and so my opinion matters. When you make a search on Cuil, based on the keyword they display on right additional information which is based on what you are searching. The data can be used for more refined search and to get more information. Though this idea seems great, but based on my experience of using Google from last 6 years, their algorithms have 99% times given me the results which I wanted. If someone is saying they are better than Google, then I assume they think they can deliver 100% relevant results, and If they are not, they should find more money to keep their business running.

    As I am a FAN of Google, I would say based on my experience, unlike other search engine companies of the past, Google always keeps on working to make their Search the best. They care about their users and that is why the users love Google. Humans get attached to all things. Google users have a relation with Google, just the same way some great people still use MSN Live search even if it gives the worst results.

So at the end it means, Cuil is something new and exciting, but won’t have much or say any effect on Google. Google would continue to be the Search Engine I use, until something similar to IPhone in the market of mobile phones comes in Search world. But until then, It’s Google which I would continue to love. (Mostly becomes it gives me clients)

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