Advertisement like these come and go without ever getting etched into our memory. There are very few advertisements remembered for their uniqueness and some just for the controversy they generate. What is this advertisement about? A kid remembers t0o late about his next day’s school project and so his parent’s work on his project […]

Get Plugin Download Count from API

Since last 3 days, I have been looking out for a way to get the total download count of my plugin. But there is almost no information about API for except on which is just links and some more information on which provides details on WordPress Plugin Information API. So after some tweaking and testing here […]

Sublime Text 2 Shortcuts

After using Dreamweaver for years I have finally started using and loving Sublime Text for its simplicity and speed. In this post I plan to post every shortcut for my own reference and anyone else who needs it. If I miss any shortcuts, do share those in the comments. (NOTE: I am only sharing Windows […]

Flat Colors in UI & Web Design

As more and more designers tend to use flat ui colors in their web design projects and mobile apps, there seem to be far less resource on this topic. There are few good articles such as & a great site with a list of the colors mostly used in flat ui. I am currently trying […]

Dot Social Icons Font

Dot Social is a simple Icon based font consisting of Social Media Icons. This set contains 15 of the most popular social network site icons. Icons of:  Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Behance, Dribbble, Vimeo, YouTube, Pinterest, Deviantart, Email, Link, Forrst, RSS & Flickr   [freebiesub download=””]

Introduction to Adobe Fireworks

Photoshop has become the de-facto for graphic design. It has always been that way and it continues to be so. Fireworks though now a product of Adobe was originally created by Macromedia and launched in 1998. Fireworks was created with functionalities similar to Illustrator and Photoshop and was no doubt created for screen design. Fireworks […]