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A collection of articles I wrote in my previous life. I’m now focusing on just a few things; these articles contain some rants, posts about tech and Vietnam.

  • Learning Vietnamese & re-learning design

    My attempt to learn Vietnamese in the same way I learned everything else. Which is to observe, mimic and then understand.

  • My Work Setup

    My Work Setup

    After traveling for over 2 years, it’s finally nice to have a proper desk to work from. I just wish it was easy to carry this large 4K monitor on my trips.

  • Why I joined e-Residency

    Why I joined e-Residency

    I joined for e-Residency program of Estonia in 2017 and then also setup a company there on 28th Feb 2018. It’s been a year now, and there are questions for which I have not found any answers. I’ll be sharing my views about this program, the reasons why I joined and the problems I am…

  • Time for sharing & learning

    I’m 32 years OLD (Yup I know). Unlike the previous years in my life, my goal for coming year is more practical and involves writing down what I have learned in last 10 years.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Ghost 0.5

    After months of work and much anticipation, Ghost 0.5 is finally here. This version is as exciting as the first version, if not more. Although a major chunk of the work in this release has been on the admin area, Ghost 0.5 still packs in a re-designed default theme and new functions for theme developers.…

  • The Future of Ghost and How to Help

    Ghost is about 9 months old now and is on a very positive trajectory. People have been quick to adopt Ghost since it’s public release in October last year. Hosting companies have also taken steps to make it easier to use Ghost on shared hosting. Another indicator of popularity is the sizeable number of themes…

  • 5 Ways to Add Comments to Ghost

    Ghost is a great blogging platform, but does not yet have a built-in commenting system. Also, Ghost does not yet have an API for plugins, so it doesn’t have an obvious way to add comments. In this tutorial, we’ll show you five ways to add comments to your Ghost blog. Read more on

  • How to Use the Ghost Interface

    Welcome to the fourth post in our series on Ghost, the exciting new blogging platform. Today we will give you a walkthrough of all the important Ghost screens from your first registration to your detailed settings. Read more on

  • WordPress Deployment with Deploy, Git and Bitbucket

    In recent years, developers have used WordPress for more powerful and complex sites. As WordPress sites have become more complex, developers have required better tools. It’s not common to version control and to have multiple deployment environments for production, staging or testing. In this tutorial, we’re going to show you one way to manage and…

  • Using Bootstrap the Right (Semantic) Way

    Back in the year 2000, when I first started learning web development, tables were my best friend. The web was filled with <tr> and <td> and semantics were non-existent. Images were broken down and placed in bits & pieces inside different table cells. Things changed in mid-2003 when I came across a site This…