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Well guys, finally I have changed the design of my blog with a more custom look. Took just 20 minutes as it was modification of a free design. I have been trying to do this since a month, but don’t get time to do extra work. But since a found a sweet person to chat with, my mood was refreshed and so i gave my blog the much needed refreshment after years.

As you may have noticed, I have been writing almost regularly from last few days, which i want to continue. I do have some other blogs on which I write about Search engine optimization and other web related stuff. Would post links of some nice articles as soon as I publish them on my other blogs.

Thats all for today, see u tomorrow.

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  1. Hey Harish, we really had spent golden moments in hostel(dorm). And those wont come again.
    See now we all are busy. But its nice to remember u all a while.
    See u think right, u should do some Yogas. It really works. I have also engaged myself in AOL- Art Of Living. I m doing yoga daily. I wake up around 6:00, have a bath and done with all Yogas till 7:30. It really bring peace..
    you can also join AOL.. know u will not do it, u jerk.
    Follow the Omens(luck). Those who run behind their destiny often knocked by the omen, wut u have to do is recognise then and follow them And always listen to your Heart.
    Hey it seems something had happened to me. dont u worry its just an awakening..
    seeya keep posting.
    And yes, Kandy got addmission in a college in New Jersy.



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