Apple Iphone in India. Finally!!

I had signed up for the Vodafone and Airtel Iphone stuff a month back to stay updated on it’s launch in India. I waited for this phone from so damn long, that I wonder if I had used this much patience in any other thing, it would had been worth it. Vadofone would be selling the 8GB phone at Rs. 31,000 and the 16Gb phone for Rs. 36,000.

If the price was same everywhere in the world, it would not had been much and the phone might feel worth it, but not when its been sold at around $200 (USD) in US and few other countries. As mentioned on the website this high price is to prevent it from becoming a mass-market product. I really don’t understand the logic. If that was the case, I wonder why Steve Jobs sold it for so low in other countries. India is a poor country or Rich i started to doubt it.

At this damn price, someone can get 3 phones from USA, ask someone to courier it to India for around $100 and then crack. If someone searches for Iphone cracks in google, the software could be easily found for under $25. With such a stupid pricing, many people will now make a living by getting cheap Iphones from US, cracking them and selling for more price.

I waited too long to get another phone, and would now search for other good options like HTC Touch which are cheaper.

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