Why not to commit suicide? A great message from Chetan Bhagat

As the Mumbai terror attack seems to have finally ended and all terrorists seem to have been shot dead except one who is caught alive and in police custody, every eye would be on Indian Government on how to investigate the situation. People like us who were not affected will forget about this incident in few days just after its not shown on television, but people who have lost their loved once will never be able too. And that’s just life. We don’t understand others pain until we are in the situation of losing someone no matter how hard we try.

This post is also about a article I came across of Chetan Bhagat about suicide and his story. You can read it at http://witchofoz.rediffiland.com/blogs/2006/01/04/My-Stupid-Suicide-Plan-Chetan.html.

I will write more soon…

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