Prashant Tamang – The New Indian Idol 3

Hello everyone from which I mean the 2 or 3 people who sometimes visit my blog on my request and sometimes order.
I was missing from blogging for a few days, as the business had become too much and am still recovering from loses. But luckily I have a good programmers working for me, who handle the work well and giving me some peace of mind.

Well today Prashant Tamang has won and become the new Indian Idol. From everything I read about him in newspapers and seen on news, its very much clear that if he participates in his regional elections, then he would win hands down. I have read about Tea garden workers there, who earn a daily wage of Rs. 80 spending more than 50% of their money on sending SMS to vote for their Idol. If this is the craze, then definitely him winning is a nice thing, as the other finalist who lost, has a damn unique voice and would for sure become a idol himself in music industry some day soon. Best part was the healthy competition seen among them. After the results were announced, they were holding each other for a while and Prashant had tears in his eyes. But looking at them felt like Amit was not a contestant but Prashant’s brother who came there to support him. Those guys are great and I feel this time the entire 13 finalist were great.

I would get back on Monday and would write something more about my life.

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