New project in hand


First of all let me tell u again that this blog is my diary where i write down what i know and feel about myself and others.

Well tommorow i have to show some work to a client, and i hope they like it. Its almost 1:00am here and i havent completed the work yet. If they like my work and give me the contract then believe me, it would be the best thing happended to me from a very long time. Thsi project will not only give me fame, but also will make me the best web designer in my city Mumbai (Bombay) without any competition from anyone.

Pray for me that i get the work and also get paid enough to pay for my fees.

There was a recent tragedy in India andmany other countries. Due to earthquake and tsunami many were killed. This made me realize that we try to show our power on weaker people and also on animals, but the truth is we have control or power on nothing.

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