New LIFE!!!


After too many mistakes, too many incidents, many friends, few great friends, few love, some of my best moments, I finally have started valuing my life more than I ever did.

I have seen many dreams, and I am very sure now is the time to go behind them with all the energy I have. I could either be broke if I don’t succeed. But I would have no regrets. The reason is, I hated the world all my life. Finally I started loving it. Many things happened in my past which made me hate everyone. But when I sit today and think of everything, it feels like a puzzle. Everything happened for a reason, and sometimes which I felt bad about then, makes me think and smile now, because those moments which I considered bad then, are in fact the best moments of my life. Life just feels great.

I hope I never find any more friends now, why?? because I want to always remember and stay in touch with the friends I made in my hostel. I want to be in that life for the rest of my life. There are so many thing sin my head which I am trying to write down, but unfortunately the best thing sin your head and the most intense feelings can never be written and spoken. They just remain in your mind and make you smile when you remember them.

All my confusions about my future are almost clear. Earlier my journey was feeling like walking in a dark room not knowing what I would bump upon. But its light everywhere now. Life feels clear and am ready to run instead of crawling and walking.

The journey am going to begin, would not be the easiest, might be the hardest but I know one thing, that it would create some more memories & some more wonderful moments, that I would be able to remember after I end my journey.

Would write back soon. Good Night.

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  1. Things are changing but, memories last forever. That’s true my friend.I’ve seen someone falling while crawling or walking but, I am glad that he is running instead gussing on the very fast track of life.May be you also got the true meaning of life. It’s just crawling, walking, falling,rising and then running.
    miss you my friend.
    keep running as long as your day calls.
    May god bless you.

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