First Post of 2008

I am really very fast. I wonder How my client’s handle me. May be that I try to do too many things at a time.

Anyways, so this is my first post of 2008. What a year this is. Last year I complained about bad client’s and not work & yes also about loses in business. This year is pretty exciting. Have some great clients. One is like a more of a colleague or say friend. I get good amount of work from him.

Then I have a exciting client. He is a author, not just an author, but a famous author. His name is Chetan Bhagat, has written 2 best selling contemporary classics in India. I am working on his new website which would be launched in a week.

This year so far has been great, its like I am getting to eat fruits of the tree that I had planted last year.

I accidently deleted the background’s of this blog, but will create something new and will upload it soon. Well my soon does mean few months, but this time I will try to outdo myself.

See u later.

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  1. Harish … so happy for you … the website for Chetan Bhagat is good … Carry on bro … keep up the good work …

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